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Featured App Projects



Starting your day with awareness. Check in with yourself. Prepare the physical. Mobilise the spine. Move energy through your body and create the day. Shift anything that is holding you back.

Evolve: Morning Routine App features include:

  • Practice your spinal mobility exercises and sun salutations.
  • A three fold meditation to music for your morning routine.
  • Pick your time and the app will alert you when it is time for your routine!




















Coloring in Book for Adults


Coloring in Book for Adults is the ultimate stress reliever and the perfect way to relax whilst being creative.

Coloring in Book for Adults features include:

  • Over 40 hand crafted, high definition drawings to show off your creativity.
  • See Red Carpet Ready! to find expert advice to achieving optimal beauty, health and fitness.
  • 8 Beautifully crafted sketch books including: Mandalas, Animals, Fantasy, Floral, Fun and Landscapes!







Find, discover and connect with over 1,000 Polynesian businesses and support employment in Polynesian communities!

Taropages App features include:

  • Find and connect with great Polynesian businesses locally or across New Zealand and the Pacific.
  • Search through categories to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • Access detailed business information, including photos and opening hours.
  • Use the interactive map to find local businesses near you!
  • Keep up to date with the Polynesian community and business news with our Taropages blog.























Never suffer from FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) with New Zealand's online entertainment channel now accessible on your device with the Red Carpet TV App!

Red Carpet TV App features include:

  • Interactive Red Carpet Events Calendar where you can view upcoming events and book tickets!
  • See Red Carpet Ready! to find expert advice to achieving optimal beauty, health and fitness.
  • Use the contact area if you have an event, product or service you want covered by Red Carpet TV.





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