We’re now on Patreon!

We’re now on Patreon!

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At the start of every year, we (Joelle and I) tend to sit down for an hour or two to discuss what we want Justwo to achieve for the year. Discussion topics normally start off with what type of games we’d like to make, how many games we’d like to release and what do we need to do in order to fund everything. Of all the possible funding options, Patreon was never considered, until the last week of development for Home Story: 1971.

The majority of our game projects have been small Flash games, where we’d get sponsorship deals to cover development costs. We would normally end up with a primary sponsorship deal (typically from a Flash gaming portal) and multiple site-lock deals (a unique build of the game that only runs on a specific website). Unfortunately, we didn’t realise the Point and Click genre is avoided for sponsorship, resulting in Home Story: 1971 only making 1/10th of what we were aiming for – making it our lowest earning game to date.

Despite the financial downfalls, we were surprised by how much we enjoyed working on Home Story: 1971 (which hopefully shows in the game xD). It’s definitely not perfect, but seeing the world, puzzles and story come together with positive reception was extremely rewarding. During the last week of development, a good friend of ours finished the game, said he really enjoyed it and asked us where the tip jar was. It’s something we haven’t considered, but seemed to fit perfectly for our current situation. We loved working on Home Story: 1971, people seem to really enjoy the Point and Click genre, but there wasn’t any way we could find funding to cover the development costs. So… we’re now on Patreon!

With the support of our Patrons, we’re hoping to continue developing Home Story games for web and start a larger Point and Click Adventure game for Steam and iOS/Android. We also provide rewards for supporting us, so be sure to check out our Patreon page 🙂

A huge thanks to those who have already signed up to our Patreon, and to all of our friends and family who’ve supported us over the last few years. You’re all awesome!

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